Latino caregivers at a glance

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In the post  Who’s Taking Care of Our Viejitos? Latino Caregivers at a Glance in the Healthy Hispanic Living website, we see very revealing statistics about Latino caregivers:

Latino caregivers at a glance

Here is a snapshot of some of the most important key findings from the Hispanic Family Caregiving in the U.S. study:

  • One-third of Hispanic households report having at least one family caregiver (36 percent). With an average of 1.83 caregivers per household, there are an estimated 8,147,000  Hispanic caregivers in the U.S.
  • Just under three-quarters (74 percent) of Hispanic caregivers are female, with an average age of 43, caring for a loved one whose average age is 62. Most of the care recipients are female.
  • Hispanic family caregivers tend to be in more intensive caregiving situations with 63 percent in high burden situations compared to 51 percent of non-Hispanic caregivers. And Hispanic caregivers spend more hours per week giving care (on average 37 hours vs. 31 hours) and provide a greater number of Activities of Daily Living, known as personal care (2.6 vs. 1.9).
  • A high percentage of Hispanic caregivers live with their loved one (43 percent) — this is versus 32 percent of non-Hispanic caregivers.
  • Eighty-four percent of Hispanic caregivers believe that their role is an expectation within their upbringing. Seventy percent think that it would bring shame on their family not to accept their caregiving role versus 60 percent of non-Hispanics.
  • Caregiving is a shared responsibility: 82 percent say that they get some help from a relative or friend.
  • Four in ten working Hispanic caregivers report making a major workforce change, such as taking a leave of absence, changing jobs, cutting back hours or stopping work entirely.

Joke Of The Day For Dementia Patient Caregivers

As Uncle Herman was driving down the freeway, his cell phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife’s voice urgently warning him, “Herman, You know you aren’t supposed to drive! I just heard on the news that there’s a car going the wrong way on Interstate 77. Please be careful and come right home!”

“Hell,” said Herman, “It’s not just one car. It’s hundreds of them!”

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